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Month in Review – New Brunswick


Minimum Wage

Jan 30: New Brunswick is implementing another $1.00 increase to its general minimum wage on April 1, the third such increase in 12 months, taking the minimum wage to an Atlantic Canada high of $14.75 per hour. However, that distinction won’t last because NL, NS and PEI are moving to a $15 minimum wage.

New Laws

Feb 24: New Brunswick announced that it will pay wages and benefits to individuals who participate in education programs to become registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs). The program provides for 2 streams: personal support workers seeking to become LPNs and LPNs seeking to become RNs.

Workplace Harassment

Feb 8: New Brunswick launched a new Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Referral Program providing workers who believe they’ve suffered workplace harassment a free 2-hour consultation with an experienced lawyer to discuss their case.

Action Point: Use the resources on the Harassment Compliance Centre to prevent harassment and bullying at your workplace