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Let’s Talk! How Do You Communicate with Colleagues?

It was not that long ago when most of our conversations with colleagues in the workplace were almost exclusively held face-to-face. Then, slowly, email became the prevalent means of communication. Now it seems as though we are on email more than we see our colleagues. Today, there is a plethora of ways to communicate with colleagues. We can phone them,  although most of us don’t, email them, text them and ‘message’ them via internal and external social networks.

To complicate the situation further in today’s workplace many of our colleagues are not even located in the same building or city as one another so effective communication can be a challenge.

We asked HR Iinsider readers how you communicate with your colleagues and here is what you told us

The question we asked ‘How do you communicate ideas and information with colleagues?’

Exercise my legs by walking and talking to someone in-person
Email or texting works for me because it is efficient and I can get to it on my own time

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