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Developing a COVID Vaccine Policy Part One

DATE: June 23, 2021

TIME: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PDT

SPEAKER: Norm Keith

Access the recorded webinar   HERE   with discount code “HRIVIP21” to view for free


The vaccine roll-out in Canada has been significantly slower than in the US, delaying our recovery by nearly 2 quarters in comparison. As an employer, you have a duty to protect the health and safety of all employees; however, you have an obligation under human rights to respect personal health choices. How do you balance these two obligations the right way in a post-pandemic world? How does this influence your ability to open, run, and manage your business? How does this impact the employment relationship or your obligations to clients/customers? You need to protect yourself from future liability risks on multiple fronts, and you need to have a policy that allows your business to operate safely. Get the answers you need to all of these questions and key resources/solutions you can implement right away.

The series will be presented in 3-parts, over 3 months. Each part is presented in a succinct 1-1.5 hour webinar that is available in both a live and on-demand format. Each part also includes downloadable resources and key take-aways. There is a Q/A period in the live webinar format and an expert question submission for on-demand participants.

Part 1. Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine Policy 

Part 2. COVID-19 Labour Relations and Safety Litigation 

Part 3. 5 HR strategies for a Successful Post-COVID-19 Recovery 

Join Norm Keith, B.A., J.D., LLM., CRSP, and senior partner of Fasken (link to about speaker section), one of the largest business law firms in Canada with more than 750 lawyers and agents in ten offices on four continents – as he guides you through a 3-part webinar on the OHS & HR implications in a post-COVID Canada.