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HRInsider Readers Prefer Phone Interview Candidate Screening

Recently Google made news when their Senior VP of People and Operations, Laszlo Bock made a statement declaring that all of their brain teaser questions had no predictive value in the hiring process.

Today hiring decisions may include many objective measures but the majority of the time decisions about people are subjective and in the end most people trust the ability of people deciphering the complexity other people.  However, with hundreds of people vying for jobs effective and efficient screening out of candidates is a necessity.

Recently we asked HR insider readers what screening tools you found the most valuable as a tool for selecting candidates to invite into the interview. Keep in mind we did not measure what you used, but what you found the most valuable. You told us the following:

With Limited Time Where Should You Spend It?

Perhaps selecting candidates for an interview should remain multi-layered and multi-faceted. Running a candidate through the ATS software can be a great way to stem the tide of a growing stream of applications and weed out irrelevant applications however not everyone has the resources for ATS.  Testing can be useful if you know what you are testing for and are certain your tests are relevant.

In our survey more people would rather review a resume personally because people want to be involved in the screening process, as imperfect that may be. However, even more people found the phone screening the best tool in their arsenal.

Today we hear more and more about the value of pre-interview testing on variables such as cognitive skills, personality, emotional and job skills assessment including pre-interview job task assignments. These steps may be growing in popularity but their long term predictive value may end up joining Google’s brainteasers in another 10 years time.

Ultimately a combination of screening steps may contribute to effective decision-making. However, taking the time to speak to a candidate before inviting her into the interview may contribute to confidence in that decision-making and in doing so may contribute creating an atmosphere more inviting to a new employee.


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