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HR Insiders Tell Us You Have A Myriad of HR Challenges

POLL:  What are your biggest challenges in people management?

1)      Finding the right employees

2)      Retaining the best employees

3)      Management and employee relationships

4)      Determining fair compensation

5)      Workplace morale and attitude

While determining fair compensation does not appear on the radar of HR as a major challenge perhaps if it were their number one challenge of management and employee relationships might fall further down the list. At 38% it was not a run away winner but the challenge of managing employee and management is certainly one that can have significant impact across the organization. In fact, it may also be a reason that workplace moral and attitude was rated as a major priority by 24% of readers. The challenge of finding the right employees at 25% and retaining the best employees at 13% show the diversity of people challenges.

HR professionals often find themselves in the middle between management and employees trying to balance the needs and wants of both. In a previous poll HR insider readers told us that your reasons for choosing a career in HR was to help people grow and develop. With this in mind HR can work with employees to help them build their careers and work with management to help create a workplace culture that supports employees in the workplace.

Identifying challenges is a key step in overcoming them. Developing strategies comes from understanding all the pieces of the puzzle. Looking at the big picture of employee and management relationships will be a useful component in addressing what HR insider readers have identified as your biggest challenges.

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