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Avoiding Costly Mistakes for Hybrid Work


Speaker: Rachel Mitchell, Ergo Inc.

Date: March 22

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PST



With the transition to permanent hybrid work models, and with 65% of Canadians working two or more days/week remotely, Ergonomists are seeing employers fail to grasp easy opportunities to provide guidance and make improvements to hybrid workstations. These failures not only put employees at risk of sustaining musculoskeletal injuries, but can negatively impact employee productivity, job satisfaction and increase absenteeism and turnover; which ultimately impacts an organization’s bottom line.

By presenting real life case studies, we will reveal common and costly mistakes to avoid, including:

• The lack of a hybrid work policy
• The lack of easily accessible educational resources for staff
• The treatment of workspaces as “temporary”
• The failure to select appropriate equipment, furniture and seating
• Employees not knowing on how to make proper adjustments to their workstations to protect their long-term health.

Participants will be provided with a Hybrid Work Checklist that will help employers identify gaps in their
hybrid work model. Participants will be able to submit their completed checklists to ERGO Inc. to
receive a proposed plan that will help make their hybrid work process more effective and sustainable.