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    Hi Glenn,
    we have a seasonal student, his seasonal letter was dated the same day he started (mistake number 1), he worked spring, summer, fall and when the season ended with one company product (soil) he was asked to continue working the sister company product (salt) for the winter season. The seasonal letter is below.
    What rights does the seasonal employee have regarding if the company terminates? Please advise what other issues the company has.
    Dear Mr. Name:
    I am pleased to confirm our offer for the seasonal help of Jr. Customer Service Representative with Less Mess under Earthco Soil Mixtures Inc., a division under the G & L Group of Companies.
    You will commence May 7, 2020 and work until the “Less Mess” product is no longer in demand. Job description attached.
    Your salary will be CDN $15.00 per hour, which will be paid in equal bi-weekly installments by direct deposit to your bank account.
    Vacation pay will be paid at the rate of 4% of your wages at the end of your contract.
    It is a condition of employment that you agree to and sign the Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement attached to this offer. Furthermore, you are required to act in the best interests of the Company at all times. You may not disclose any personal or confidential Company information to which you have access during the course of your duties. You may not carry on any outside work (including developing software or writing a book) without the Company’s permission. The Company retains full copyright in any material supplied by you for use in any of the Company services. You are not permitted to solicit any customers from the G&L Group of Companies, for one year after you leave the employment of the Company.
    Welcome to the G&L Group of Companies. We look forward with pleasure to you joining our company.
    Yours sincerely,

    I declare that:
    (a) I have read and understand the offer of employment and these conditions of employment; and
    (b) I accept the offer of employment and will abide by these conditions of employment.

    thank you,

    Mirella Bennati

    Conner Lantz
    Post count: 4836

    From our payroll expert, short but sweet and I hope, helpful:
    At least one week’s notice or wages in lieu of notice. The related companies are taken to be a single employer and he wasn’t employed for a specific term or specific task.

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