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  • Kyle Charters
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    Hi….what are the requirements regarding pay equity for private sector employers in Ontario with more than 10 employees, but fewer than 100 employees?


    Rick Tobin
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    Employers subject to Part II of the Act must:

    compare job classes using a gender-neutral comparisons system if both male and female job classes exist [12];
    prepare and post pay equity plan(s) according to the requirements outlined in [13];
    negotiate all aspects of the pay equity plan with their existing unions in establishments with bargaining agents [14];
    follow the process for accessing the Commission to resolve impasses in the negotiation process prior to the deemed approval of pay equity plans [16, 17];
    follow the process for amending a pay equity plan in situations where changed circumstances in the organization cause the initial plan to no longer be appropriate [14.1, 14.2];
    ensure that pay equity obligations are met when there is a “Sale of Business”, including following the process for developing a new plan if necessary [13.1];
    spend a minimum of 1% of the previous year’s payroll for pay equity adjustments until pay equity is achieved within the timelines set by the Act [13. (4) – (6)]; and,
    meet the original compliance deadlines for implementing pay equity.
    NOTE: This may require the payment of pay equity related wages that are owed retroactive to the date when first adjustments were due or when pay equity should have been implemented or achieved [13. (2) (e)].

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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