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    Wondering if you can guide me, we are still in the process of implementing the Electronic Monitoring policy. Our organization doesn’t monitor employees per se. For example we have standard email and messaging apps but we do not monitor employees using these forums.

    We also have video cameras in our facilities but these are mainly for our customer base, we have a video surveillance policy in place requesting that employees sign off for permission to use footage if needed.

    In addition, we have two facilities that have a scheduling system that requires to clock in and out on their shifts.

    Do any of these examples classify as electronically monitoring?

    I’m really stuck on what is really classified as monitoring. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

    Conner Lantz
    Post count: 4836

    I’ll admit this law is a bit unclear, here’s the definition from the Ontario Gov., “electronic monitoring includes all forms of monitoring of employees that is done electronically throughout the workplace, directly or indirectly, whether continuously, episodically, or on an as needed basis”.

    Your three examples would be considered electronic monitoring based on this broad definition. The safe bet is to include any possible way an employees actions could be monitored, whether you/your company actively checks these records or not.

    Remember, regardless if you use electronic monitoring or not, it is required to have a policy.


    Here’s a few more articles that might help clear it up for you:

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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