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    1. We are in automotive and for our FT and PT staff we currently accrue in our systems for every $ paid to the staff on every payroll in their accrual bank and we then pay them their entitlement % when they take time off on any given payroll. I would like to make a change to this for only the PT staff so we can add the action accrual % directly to their pay on every payroll so when they take the time off we are just recording the time and not have to deal with the pay.
    -For out FT staff we will continue to accrue their vacation in the bank and pay them on their payroll when they take the time off.
    -In payroll what documents do I need to get this this done and what is the notice period I need to give my employees to make this adjustment? IF my staff has been laid off can I make this change before they come back and advised them of this change?

    2. some of my staff had a demo, insurance and gas on their contract agreement but due to pandemic and recent business before pandemic we need to adjust and take this benefit away form all those who have it on their contract. Can I do this across the board and how much notice.
    -if some of these staff are currently laid off I can make this change when they are back to work form layoff?

    1. Currently PT staff have a different pay cycle as the FT staff and we are paid semi monthly. I want to change the pay cycle for the PT staff to match the FT to be paid twice a month and have them adjust only 3 days per pay to capture the days that did not make it by the payroll deadline what document or notice do I need to give to the staff.
    2. Some of our bonus and commission is paid incorrectly for a few years and was not managed correctly by the payroll person. Some of these payments are in writing and some are not. I need to make this update and change to correct what it should be and will not claw the errors back from these employees. Other than my HR documentation what d I need to know about the payroll side

    Conner Lantz
    Post count: 4836

    This one calls for our payroll expert, Alan McEwan. Will let u know as soon as I hear back from him

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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