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Conner Lantz
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Great Qs. First, unless I missed something in the past 48 hours, the 14-day self-isolation rule continues to apply to plane travel within Canada. There are some local bubbles, e.g., the Atlantic Provinces, but I haven’t heard anything about the new self-monitor vs. self-isolate change.
Under current rules, you must let employees who travel by plane take unpaid leave but DON’T have to pay them, unless your collective agreements, employment contracts or benefits plans require otherwise. I believe this would still be the rule even if public guidance HAS changed and self-isolation is no longer required. There would have to be an actual ESA law providing for pay, the way there was for COVID leave. And that law would have to come from your province, BC–unless you’re federally regulated.
As always, you need to keep in mind that this is just an opinion and not legal counsel. But I think what you’re doing is fine. Hope this helps. Glenn