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How to Ask An Expert

As an HR Insider member, you have access to thousands of members across Canada – all of whom have dealt with similar issues and problems that you face on a daily basis. Part of the real value of HR Insider is not only giving you REAL SOLUTIONS and best practices from our circle of experts and editors, but also putting you within arms length of a community of similar minded people.

Ask the Expert is a question answer channel. Use the form to post a question and get answers from not only us and our experts, but also members of HR Insider community. Find out what other members are doing. Give your opinion and advice to another member’s issue. Get started now, Ask an Expert!

To use this feature, first click on “Ask The Expert”

You will see all the previously asked questions, you can view them chronologically or search for keywords to see if your questions has already been answered.

To ask a question, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Ask Question” button.

Enter your question, the more details the better. Including topic, jurisdiction, industry, and anything else that help the experts better understand your situation.


You will be notified via e-mail when your question has been answered or receives any comments.