Ask the ExpertEmployee resignation without 2 weeks of notice
Seiko Harada asked 7 months ago

I am in Ontario and am wondering if giving 2 weeks of resignation is a requirement or desired action.
If an employee gives less than 2 weeks of notice, is there anything we can do as an employer other than to talk to them to see if they can stay the full 2 weeks?

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 7 months ago

From our payroll expert, Alan McEwan:
In some provinces, there is an actual employment standards requirement for employees to give notice. However, Ontario is not one of those, so there is not much an employer can do but to ask nicely.

Seiko Harada replied 7 months ago

I see, thank you!

Seiko Harada replied 7 months ago

Do you know which provinces have the actual requirement for giving 2 weeks’ notice and what would be the consequences of not giving it?