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hri_Admin Staff asked 2 years ago

What training would you recommend for an employee who is guilty of harassment in the workplace?

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 2 years ago

Topics sensitivity training should include:
Presumably, the employee already HAS received harassment training since you’re legally required to train all employees on harassment as soon as possible after they start work. If he/she hasn’t received such training, shame on you; if he/she has received such training and still committed harassment, shame on him/her. If you’re going to let the employee stick around, you better provide enhanced harassment sensitivity training that’s deeper and more intense than the standard training provided to all employees. Such training should include:
*What harassment is and is not
*Different forms of harassing conduct, including practical examples and factual scenarios taken from case law, news and media accounts
*Why harassment is harmful to individuals and the organization
*Employees’ right to harassment free workplace
*Sexual, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and the other grounds for harassment–including the one the employee committed it
*OHS harassment requirements
*Human rights harassment requirements
*The provisions of your organization’s harassment prevention policy, including how complaints are made, investigated and resolved, including via discipline
*Privacy protections in place for harassment investigations
*The legal rights of employees who get harassed, including complaining to company and/or OHS officials and bringing discrimination complaint if harassment is based on race, sex, religion or other protected grounds

Hope that helps.