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Athletic Director Job Description

What is an athletic director?

An athletic director oversees the functioning of sports programs in schools and other institutions.

What does an athletic director do?

Athletic directors organize and manage all important projects of a sports program, for example, hiring new employees or allocating budget (e.g buying new equipment). Their daily tasks may vary based on the characteristics of the program they lead (e.g. number of employees, available funding, etc.).


  • Ensuring established sports rules are followed and respected
  • Managing budgets and fundraising
  • Recruiting and supervising sports staff

To create your own athletic director job description, consider what specific responsibilities and requirements you need to include.

How long does it take to become an athletic director?

There is no specific time frame to become an athletic director. Candidates should obtain all necessary skills, especially effective leadership and project management, to be promoted in this role. They mostly achieve that by completing sports internships and working as assistant managers in sports or educational settings for a few years.


We are looking for an experienced athletic director to help us maintain and develop our sports programs.

Your daily tasks will include supervising sports staff, preparing budgets, and allocating funds to support our sports activities. You’ll also be in charge of administrative tasks, such as scheduling (e.g. leagues, conferences, etc.). To succeed in this job, it’s important to master multitasking and work well under pressure. Previous experience as a manager or leader of a sports program is a must, too.

If you fit this description and you love sports and education, we’d like to hear from you.


  • Monitor general administrative tasks
  • Supervise and guide coaches and other staff
  • Check compliance with established sports rules and governmental health and safety regulations
  • Recruit new employees based on program needs
  • Research new funding opportunities (e.g. governmental)
  • Oversee performance of employees (e.g. annual reviews)
  • Manage budgets and billing reports
  • Overview scheduling of leagues or sport team practices
  • Organize promotional events (e.g. about sports and well-being)
  • Establish positive relationships with parents, students, coaches and other staff


  • Previous experience in a managerial role in sports or relevant field
  • Experience in program management and budgeting
  • In-depth understanding of sports association rules and regulations
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of MS Office
  • Ability to motivate and inspire
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • A degree in Sports Management or similar field; a Master’s in Management is a plus


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