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    Here you go. I hope this is timely. Alan also asked me to pass along his contact info in case you want to get in touch with him. Glenn
    From Alan: 
    Here the employer’s best option is probably to pay the full 2 weeks’ vacation on top of any earnings to the last day actually worked on June 27. In that scenario the last day of employment, for both benefits and ROE reporting purposes would be July 11. Note, that statutory holiday pay for Canada Day will also be owing. This means benefit continuance to at least July 11, although in practice any carrier would normally charge a full month’s benefit premiums, even if coverage ceases on the 11th.
    If the employer wishes to terminate employment on the last day of actual work, June 27, then both:

    • Wages in lieu of notice to July 11, including regular hours for Canada Day; and
    • The 2 weeks of vacation pay would be owing.

    I’m assuming that what is happening is the employee gave notice on June 22, just before the start of a 2 week planned vacation. The employer convinced the employee to work at least 3 more days, presumably to cover needed requirements. This time can’t be counted as part of the vacation and a full 2 weeks vacation or 4% of vacationable earnings in the prior vacation year (plus any vacation pay owing for any part year) is owing on top of wages for these 3 days worked.
    Please feel free to pass on my contact information if the employer needs any further help.
    Alan R. McEwen
    Alan McEwen & Associates
    PO Box 144 Station Main, Qualicum Beach, BC  V9K 1S7
    250-228-5280 in the Pacific time zone

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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