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    A client of ours had to lay off a couple of employees in Quebec for 6 months but was able to bring them back to work at the end of the layoff period. At this time they are looking at possibly laying them off again until September. What is the minimum amount of time in Quebec that these employees have to work before they can be laid off again? Other provinces typically have 1-2 weeks.

    Thank you.

    Conner Lantz
    Post count: 4836

    Sorry to keep you waiting all weekend. From our payroll expert, Alan McEwan.
    There isn’t really any such requirement specifically.
    In the end, what the employer has to provide is the notice governed by the length of employment (the state of being an employee, whether or not service is provided). So, after recall from one lay-off, an employee entitled to 2 weeks notice has either to be given 2 weeks written notice or the related pay, before the start of a lay-off, where this 2nd lay-off is expected to be at least 6 months. If the lay-off is expected to be less than that, no notice is required.
    However, there has to be a real return to work before the two lay-offs will be seen as separate.
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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