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    Hope you had a great holiday season.
    We have an employee that is attending Jury Duty and our company considers it an unpaid leave. As the trial is in Ontario, and may last upwards of 1-3 weeks, I am wondering if the employee can claim EI for the duration of the hearing that is unpaid (up to 10 days) if we provide the ROE?
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    Conner Lantz
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    You may want to look at
    Employees absent from work for mandatory jury duty and not is compensated for that time off will generally suffer. Jurors are given $40 a day, only after serving without pay for the first 10 days on a jury. Thereafter, jurors receive a daily amount of $100 from the 50th day forward. Employees without emergency savings or with high expenses have a very hard time taking the required time off for jury duty.
    If a person is already on EI, they can continue to get EI while on jury duty, but an employee cannot apply for EI or emergency EI because of jury duty.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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