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  • Conner Lantz
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    If we are an employer in Ontario operating multiple companies, do we have to implement a right-to-disconnect policy if we intentionally hire staff under those different umbrellas to stay under the 25-employee threshold? Company Z owns Company X. Company Z has 24 employees. Company Z hires its next employee under company X in order to stay below 25.
    Also, would an owner or President count against the 25-employee threshold?

    Rick Tobin
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    You do not have to implement a right-to-disconnect policy so long as you stay below the 25 employees level, of which a president/CEO does count towards that number.

    You can access a policy template off of HR Insider – is there a reason you are trying not to implement this policy?

    Kyle Charters
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    It was suggested by ownership to hire under a different company name to avoid having to implement it. My guess is they don’t want staff using it as a reason not to work outside of normal working hours. Seems like it may be legal, but not ethical?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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