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    Good morning,
    Please advise if the underlined below is a “no no”.
    Also, advise on anything else below which should be changed.
    Any and all feedback will be welcomed.
    Thank you.
    Dear Mr. Employee,
    We are pleased to offer you the full-time position of Accounts Manager with ABC Company Ltd. You will be reporting to Controller.
    This offer is conditional upon a criminal record check that is satisfactory to ABC Company Ltd.
    You are required to submit 2 pieces of identification with a signed copy of this letter-one must be government issued photo identification, second piece non photo identification ideally government issued, also, upon an employment verification check and a valid social insurance number.
    Set out below are the terms and conditions of your proposed employment:
    Our Company is committed to the well-being of its staff by ensuring a progressive workplace and, in doing so, continually seeks to improve work conditions and practices. On that basis you should be aware that there will be changes from time to time in your job description and the Company’s Employment Policies and Procedures. This will require you to take a flexible approach to your work, which we hope will create job satisfaction as well as good productivity.
    Your start date will be October 3rd, 2022. Your manager will meet with you and go over your duties.
    Please refer to the attached job description for an outline of the duties and responsibilities of this position.
    Your salary will be CDN $ 45,000 per annum. You will be paid in equal bi-weekly installments by direct deposit to your bank account. Your base salary could increase pending a positive performance review.
    You will be entitled to vacation earned at the rate of .83 regular business days for each month of service, equivalent to 2 weeks annually. The Company currently observes ten (10) public holidays in accordance with the Canada Labour Code, Provincial statute and local municipal bylaws.
    Regular hours of work in this position are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with one half hour off for a meal break, from Monday to Friday inclusive. You are expected to work the hours that are reasonably necessary to complete your employment duties, and hours may vary according to the operational needs of the Company. No overtime will be payable for this position.
    Name, page 2
    You will be eligible for Group Health and Dental coverage after three (3) months of employment. ABC Compnay Ltd. will pay your monthly premium for Group Health and Dental coverage in full under our Group Insurance Plan at that time. Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability coverage are mandatory, and premiums are paid by you. Health and Dental coverage are optional in cases of Spousal exemption.
    You can join our voluntary Group Registered Retirement Plan upon completion of one year of service. With a 1% contribution made by you, the company will contribute 2% on your behalf with 5 years of service or less. Thereafter the contribution can increase. Our Plan details are available upon request.
    As with all new employees, the first 6 months of employment will be considered a probationary period. In the event ABC Company Ltd., terminates your employment for any reason other than cause, ABC Company Ltd., shall only be obligated to pay the greater of (a) one (1) week for each year of service to a maximum of eight (8) weeks or (b) the minimum notice required by the Employment Standards Act of Ontario as may be amended from time to time.
    In no event shall ABC Company Ltd., be obligated to provide notice or pay severance in lieu of notice any greater amount than what is agreed to above.
    Performance reviews are conducted on an annual basis, April of every year.
    It is a condition of employment that you agree to and sign the Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement attached to this offer. Furthermore, you are required to act in the best interests of the Company at all times. You may not disclose any personal or confidential Company information to which you have access during the course of your duties. You may not carry on any outside work (including developing software or writing a book) without the Company’s permission. The Company retains full copyright in any material supplied by you for use in any of the Company services. You are not permitted to solicit any customers from the ABC Company Ltd., or any of the affiliated companies, for one year after you leave the employment of the Company.
    Welcome to ABC Company Ltd. We look forward with pleasure to you joining our company and to a long and successful business relationship.
    Yours sincerely,

    cc: Payroll & Benefit Administrator
    I declare that:
    (a) I have read and understand the offer of employment and these conditions of employment; and
    (b) I accept the offer of employment and will abide by these conditions of employment.

    Signature: _______________________ Date: ____________________________

    Conner Lantz
    Post count: 4836


    First off, as an employer, you have to ask your employees for their social insurance number (SIN) within three days of when they start to work for you and record their number, here’s the basic SIN requirements for employers from the Canadian Govt.
    Next, you may ask for other types of identification, such as a birth certificate or a certificate of citizenship or permanent residence, before finalizing their employment documents. The following types of information should only be requested if they are bona fide requirements because of the nature of the job. The employment letter should explicitly indicate that this information is to validate the employees identity and validate they meet the necessary requirements of the job. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, only request it after making an offer (preferably in writing) of employment:

    • driver’s licence (may reveal disability, age, sex and gender identity)
    • birth certificate (may reveal age, sex and gender identity)
    • work authorization issued by Immigration Canada (contains information on date of arrival in Canada)
    • educational or professional credentials (may reveal information on place of origin)
    • Social Insurance Number (may contain information on date of arrival in Canada and residency status)
    • information about health or age necessary for pension, disability, superannuation, life insurance and benefit plans [may reveal disability, age, sex (pregnancy) or gender identity]
    • police record checks (may reveal information about a person’s mental health)
    • psychological testing, if legitimately required for assessing ability to do the job
    • next-of-kin or person to be notified in case of emergency (may reveal family status, marital status, sexual orientation)
    • insurance beneficiary (may reveal family status, marital status, sexual orientation)
    • accommodation needs.

    Keep any such information confidential. (OHRC)

    As mentioned, the employment letter should include a statement about the need for successful candidates to prove they have a valid driver’s license or other similar documents. Here’s a few examples

    • I understand that if this position requires a valid driver’s licence, proof will be required after hire, or
    • Some positions require the successful candidate to have a valid driver’s licence. The successful candidate would have to provide proof that s/he has a valid driver’s licence when offered employment. (OHRC).

    Hope this helps!

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