Essential HR Polices Special Report – Policy Checklist

Essential HR Policies Audit Checklist

Learn the policies required by law in your province, use expertly crafted templates to implement new policies in minutes. Review policies required by individual jurisdiction, get tips on the top 10 HR policies you should watch out for, and learn if you can fire an employee for breaking policies in your handbook.

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What HR policies do we need to have in our province? That is one question we at HR Insider get the most. The basic answer is that you need polices to ensure compliance with your jurisdiction’s employment standards., human rights and OHS regulations, as well as the so-called common law which governs issues like termination, employment contracting and general workplace conduct.

Included Policies:

HR Insider’s goal is to make sure you stay complaint. Use this essential policy checklist to audit your current policies and procedures. Select from hundreds of expert policy templates to save you time on policy creation!

This special report is your checklist for all of the policies you are required to have by law, with templates you can use to save you time on policy implementation. These must-have HR policies ensure you have a compliant employee handbook that meets the OHS and common law requirements.


This checklist makes it easier for you to identify, download and edit, and implement a new policy in minutes. Incudes unlimited access to HR Insider’s resource library where you can access more HR content like courses, recorded webinars for training purposes, and month in review to stay updated on recent changes to compliance laws in your province.

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