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hri_Admin Staff asked 2 years ago

I am sending an employment offer with an anticipated start date of October 28, 2020. This person will be working 4 – 10 hrs/week shift. I am also sending the averaging agreement. Could you please advise if the averaging agreement can start on the same day as the employment date which is Oct 28th? Does the averaging agreement need to start on a Sunday?

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 2 years ago

I’ve relayed your question to our payroll expert, Alan McEwen and asked him to assign it a top priority.  I don’t know of his current availability but he usually responds quickly. I will keep an eye on the “wire” and relay his response the moment I receive it.

Najia Hammad replied 2 years ago

Thank you.

Glenn Demby Staff answered 2 years ago

Still waiting, Najia. I hope to hear from Alan before the day ends. Will keep you apprised.

Glenn Demby Staff answered 2 years ago

Sorry to keep you waiting but this just arrived. From Alan:
Sorry, but yes overtime weeks in BC are calculated on a Sunday to Saturday basis, and this is not affected by an averaging agreement.
In other words, the averaging agreement can not average work hours starting on October 28, 2020, which is a Wednesday.