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Telecommuting Employees
Ask the ExpertCategory: QuestionsTelecommuting Employees
hri_Admin asked 2 years ago
Hello, I am from Alberta and wondering what others are doing in scenarios when and if an employee is unable to complete work tasks due to loss of power, or wi-fi access.
5 Answers
Glenn Demby answered 2 years ago
You know what, I think we should ask them directly. Would you mind if I ask my colleague to set this question up as a user poll? I'd be curious to know what people are doing myself. Glenn
Glenn Demby answered 2 years ago
Oops. Should have give my gmail. glennd@bongarde.com
Glenn Demby answered 2 years ago
For sure, I would be curious as well.
Glenn Demby answered 2 years ago
Brett: My colleague, Vicky, is on holidays. I'll talk to her about putting together the poll as soon as she gets back. I think that's Monday. Can you wait that long? If not, I can see if a junior staffer can figure something out. Glenn
Glenn Demby answered 2 years ago
No rush....I would like to revise our procedures for September.  Thanks