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hri_Admin Staff asked 3 years ago

When an employee quits, are they obligated to send a formal resignation letter or email? What happens if they do not? Generally if we have an employee quit, we ask for the notice with the end date in writing however sometimes it’s just verbal and they forget to send something in writing before they leave. Our Payroll has an issue with issuing an ROE without the resignation letter so I am just looking for guidance from others on this.I’m sure in many cases, people quit without issuing a formal notice in writing. As a side note our field employee’s are paid out vacation and do not receive any other benefits, so we process their resignation letter and issue ROE accordingly without any other formal communication in writing on our end. However, If we (the company) are initiating a termination, or lay off, than we would issue a formal letter to the employee outlining the reasoning and details of the termination. 

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 3 years ago

Employment standards laws require employees to provide notice of termination but don’t specify that it must be in writing. But you still can and I think it’s a good idea to require written notification, and many companies do it for just the reasons you say. I’d also make written notice a requirement of the employment contract. This gives you legal grounds to enforce. As a practical matter, though, it’s generally not the kind of thing you’d sue over, unless the employee is pretty high-ranking. But in a more elaborate case, being able to point to an employee’s contract violation is bound to help your case to some degree. Hope that helps. Glenn