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hri_Admin Staff asked 2 years ago

If an employee returns from an affected area (France) on Table 2 of the WHO situation reports, is not displaying symptoms, and has said they have not been exposed to COVID-19 on the workplace screening form, can we take precautionary H&S measures by asking them to work from home for 14 days? Would that trigger a Human Rights violation – discrimination?

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 2 years ago

Apologize for the delay. Yes, you can and you should ask them to self-quarantine even if they’re asymptomatic. The incubation period is up to one week and at least 10% of infections are caused by people who’ve contracted the virus and aren’t showing symptoms. Don’t believe disability or any other kind of discrimination is a bar, given that Canadian health officials are urging self-quarantine. I’m such an idiot for not answering this Q sooner. It’s probably a moot point by now. Sorry. if u have any further urgent Qs.