All hero stories start with someone defying the odds to overcome a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle. Your origin story is not that different. You studied, did the hard work, and overcame numerous challenges to become the HR hero you are today.



You’re working hard ensuring your organization is HR compliant, it is a time-consuming process that often goes overlooked. We see you, spending countless hours trying to keep up with the ever-changing case law and always evolving HR landscape. Take a look for yourself how HR Insider members report saving up to 150 hours per year on their HR work because of HR insider’s ready-to-use resources.


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HR Insider has the tools and solutions you need to guarantee your compliance. You get a team of employment lawyers, HR consultants, and trainers with compliant guidance and resources to ensure you are never on the wrong end of an employment issue.

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Since 1929 we have helped hundreds of thousands of organizations reduce valuable time spent on tasks like writing policies, letters, forms or searching for legal updates. With HR Insider you are guaranteed up-to-date compliance solutions. All of the tools you need are waiting for you, and are accessible on any device.

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HR Insider works with thousands of HR Directors, Managers, and Supervisors, as well as large Insurance partners to help employees stay safe, organizations avoid risks and fines and reduce costs. HR Insider is not only saving you money but is also saving you over 6 FULL DAYS thanks to our ready-to-implement HR collateral. Search by topic, region or tool type and find everything you need on dozens of popular HR topics.

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HR Insider is an invaluable resource that I can go to anytime for expert guidance, answers and to my immediate HR management concerns. I’m 100% confident that the solutions are compliant and exactly what I need each time I go to the well.

Steve T, HR Manager

HR Insider has provided us with exceptional service and attention to detail over our time as a client. We are confident that the advice we will receive will be complete, current and presented with the utmost professionalism.

Paul T, HR & Labour Relations Executive

HR Insider has been a long-term partner of ours. I can attest to the team’s excellent guidance and support. HR Insider is a comprehensive expert service that I would suggest to anyone in need of HR assistance.

Polly K, HR Executive