Ask the ExpertSeptember 30, 2023 – Truth and Reconcilliation Day – Multiple Offices in Canada
RA Malatest asked 2 months ago

Hope you are doing well.
BC recently decided to make September 30 a legislated stat holiday, but we have offices in Alberta and Ontario that do not have it legislated. We are trying to decide whether to share the stat to all offices or restrict it to just BC staff.
Do you happen to know if other mid-sized companies are providing the stat for all their offices across jurisdictions, or just for the jurisdiction where the holiday is legislated?
Thank you.

1 Answers
Rory L Staff answered 2 months ago

Legally, the company is only required to grant the statutory holiday to employees who work in British Columbia. Employees in Alberta and Ontario are not entitled to have September 30 off as a statutory holiday, as it is not legislated in those provinces.
That being said, the company has the discretion to extend the statutory holiday to all employees, regardless of their location. It can be a goodwill gesture to offer the same benefit to employees across all offices, even if they are not legally required to do so.