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hri_Admin Staff asked 5 years ago

We are having an internal staff competition for a job. We have a set list of questions that will be asked to each candidate. But since we personally know each person, can we bring up past job performance in the interview? Like if we know of a “bad” habit that they do, can we ask them about that and how they plan on correcting it? Can we ask them about past reprimands?

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 5 years ago

Performance review is not only permitted but essential to maximize productivity and get the best from your employee. To be sure, there’s always the remote risk that a disappointed applicant will claim your review was a pretext for discrimination. But that shouldn’t be a problem as long as your performance criteria are clear, non-discriminatory and consistently applied to all similar employees/applicants regardless of race, sex, etc.
Sounds like you got the consistency part covered since you’re asking all applicants the same Qs. Just watch out for Qs that may come across as discriminatory even though they’re neutral on their face. Check out the recent story on Discriminatory Job Advertisements for some red flags to watch out for.
Hope this helps,
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