Ask the ExpertHiring a family member – Ontario
hri_Admin Staff asked 1 year ago

Are there any specific risk assessments I should be considering when an employee has referred a family member (spouse) for a role if the candidate is a good match? 
The roles are in different departments, different reporting relationships, etc. 

2 Answers
Glenn Demby Staff answered 1 year ago

Do you mean from an EI insurability/CPP pensionability perspective or just a general nepotism/ethics perspective?

Sarah Major Staff replied 1 year ago

Just a general nepotism/ethics perspective – thanks!

Glenn Demby Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes, there are definitely risks you should assess when hiring relatives. The biggest isn’t a legal risk but more a question of morale. Nepotism can also make you liable for family status discrimination to the extent relatives get or are perceived as getting preferred treatment. Here are some excellent resources from HRI that you can use to get a handle on the situation and protect your organization. Still owe you you answers to 2 more questions, which are out to Alan. Will relay them as soon as they come in.