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Constructive Dismissal and You

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Constructive Dismissal And You: Unexpected Consequences Of Changes To The Employment Relationship

The law surrounding constructive dismissal is full of potential pitfalls, both for employers, who [...]

How An Employee May Become Entitled To A Deferred Bonus Upon Termination

Employers and employees may agree to defer the payment of an employee’s bonus upon the [...]

Severance Agreement Template

Here’s a template agreement that you can adapt when entering into a severance arrangement with an [...]

Are Lump Sum Termination Payments Subject to EI Withholdings?

Employers must deduct termination payments that lead to overpayments of EI benefits. Employees who [...]

An Employer’s Guide to Managing Employees with Progressive Discipline

If you’re an employer, you know that, whether you have 10 employees or 100, there is an art to [...]

Termination Provisions (Again): Court Decides New Avenue For Rendering Termination Clauses Unenforceable

Confidentiality and conflict-of-interest clauses can render employment agreement termination [...]

Mitigation Following Termination Of Employment: A Cautionary Tale

Absent a contractual term to the contrary, an employee who has been terminated from employment has [...]

Recent Wrongful Dismissal Case Highlights Termination Risks and Lingering Pandemic Impacts

Employers considering separating with employees on a for cause or without cause basis should be on [...]

Complicit In The Implicit: Labour Board Finds A Termination To Be Tainted With Discrimination Due To Implicit Racial Bias In The Workplace

A recent construction industry grievance referral decision from the Ontario Labour Relations Board [...]

OK to Fire Librarian for Loaning Sexually Explicit Novels to High School Students

A few years after being suspended for 5 days for engaging in an inappropriate Facebook Messenger [...]

Agreeing on Severance Amount Isn’t Enough to Form Binding Contract

After 18 years of employment, a senior employee faced the difficult task of negotiating a severance [...]

3 Traps to Avoid When Writing a Termination Letter

A bad termination letter can cost you tens and even hundreds of thousands in damages. Employees who [...]

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