Racism in the Workplace Special Report

The standard racial discrimination and harassment policies ensure compliance with human rights laws is no longer enough for these turbulent times. The first thing employers seeking to combat systemic racism must do is ensure their organization isn’t part of the problem. A more subtle form of illegal conduct is racial discrimination, which includes any action, intentional or not, that unfairly treats a person or group less favorably.

Racism in the Workplace Special Report

Learn how to identify if racism is embedded in your workplace culture. Get an in-depth review of liability risks in your recruiting practices, mitigate workplace racial discrimination, and use the included employee diversity and questionnaire to crowd source valuable information from your employees.


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This special report is your guide to addressing workplace racism and its impact on in your teams and organization. Learn how you can identify if discrimination may be embedded within your organizations culture and provide materials for your employees to learn more about the effects of systemic racism.


Making a difference in your workplace when it comes to discrimination and racism is a big task. Learn the 10 things you can be doing to combat racism, which includes completing a numerical analysis to identify systemic discrimination within your organization. Audit your hiring and recruiting practices to limit your liability risk of evaluating a candidate’s company ‘fit.’