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Resolving Negative Talk About The Boss

Lets face it, many employees talk negatively about their boss. There are a plethora of TV and movie story lines that showcase bad bosses and the employees who talk about their bad bosses. Like it or not people often express their frustrations by saying negative things about other people. It is difficult to eliminate negativity in the workplace but it is important to manage it directly and quickly when it arises.

Stop and Assess the Situation

Patterns exist for a reason. They allow us to look forward to see what may be about to happen and to look back and see what may have caused something to happen. Negative comments are a symptom of something more but determining what that something is can take time and effort. It is fare to say that many of these ‘bosses’ deserve the negative comments. Just as it is fare to say that many bosses who do not deserve the negative comments. Regardless of whether or not a boss deserves a negative comment those negative comments have to be resolved.

If ...

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