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May Employees Refuse to Return to the Post-COVID-19 Workplace?

After weeks of operating remotely, non-essential business Baktu Works (BW) is thrilled to re-open its doors and recall its employees from temporary layoff. But it soon becomes clear that at least some employees are far less enthusiastic. Six different employees decline the invitation to return to work, at least for the near future, each for a different reason.
Which employee(s) has/have a valid reason not to return to work? 

Anita Sitter would love to return to work but the schools are still closed and she has no one to care for her kids
Ben Farraway wants to return but is stranded in Asia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions
Clay Minstead is perfectly capable of working but prefers to stay home and collect CERB benefits
Dane Jurus is dubious of the company’s infection measures and exercises his OHS refusal rights
Etta Hazard wants to keep working but has an immune disorder and has been told by her doctor that getting COVID-19 would likely kill her

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