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Planning 2021 with Lessons Learned from 2020

Recorded Date: February 10, 2021

The Panel of Experts: Jeremy Warning and Deanah Shelley of Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP

About the Webinar

2020, the year of the global pandemic, saw new health and safety challenges for employers and businesses. While the pandemic has certainly been the headline story and has resulted in developments in OHS law, 2020 also saw a number of other notable developments. In this webinar, two OHS lawyers, including one former prosecutor, will address important developments from 2020 and how they may guide organizations and management in 2021 and beyond. Topics that will be discussed during the webinar will include:

  • Sentencing Update Including Creative Sentences
  • The Continuing Evolution of General Duty Clauses
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Under the Canada Labour Code
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties under the Canada Labour Code
  • Worker Compliance with OHS Obligations


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About the Speakers

Jeremy Warning, Jeremy is a labour and employment lawyer specializing in occupational health and safety law. As a former health and safety prosecutor, Jeremy has detailed and special expertise in occupational health and safety and other regulatory matters. He advises and represents organizations and their management in all sectors. Jeremy provides proactive and strategic advice following serious workplace incidents, during regulatory inspections (including in challenging orders and directions), with respect to work refusals, and on other sensitive health and safety issues. In addition, Jeremy is a very experienced and successful advocate who has conducted numerous trials, appeals and hearings before every level of court in Ontario and before boards of arbitration, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal Canada, and Coroner’s Inquests.

Jeremy is a co-author of the Annotated Occupational Health and Safety Act, a leading text used by lawyers and human resources and health and health and safety professionals. He is also a frequent writer, speaker and lecturer on health and safety law and issues. As well, Jeremy is the immediate pate Chair of the Occupational Health and Safety Subcommittee of the Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers (CACE).

Deanah Shelley, Deanah offers timely, strategic and pragmatic advice on a wide range of workplace issues. She has developed an expertise in assisting and defending provincial and federal employers in regulatory prosecutions pertaining to occupational health and safety, health care, municipal law, and the food and hospitality industry.

Deanah regularly represents employers before labour relations officers and appeals officers when dealing with work refusals, reprisal complaints, and appeals of orders or directions issued by regulators. Deanah has appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Criminal Division), the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal, and the Federal Court of Appeal.