Sexual Harassment

Employer Not Liable for Worker’s Sexual Harassment of Non-Employee

An on-site medical worker sued an oil drilling company after being sexually harassed by one of its workers at an offshore rig.
Minimum wage

The Payroll Poobah: Avoid Payment Errors When Adjusting to Minimum Wage Hikes

Getting your pay calculations right for pay periods in which minimum wage increases take effect.
cell phone

OK to Fire Bus Driver for Using Cellphone While Driving

A bus driver at a big petrochemical construction site was desperate to talk to her manager but couldn’t reach him all day. Finally, her cell phone rang.

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Alberta

Alberta, the government launched a new 6-month pilot program in Calgary designed at creating leadership opportunities for women in academics, business development, construction and engineering.
Psychological safe

The Psychologically Safe Workplace: Taking Your Organization beyond Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention

Psychological safety would save Canadian businesses up to $11 billion per year.
psychological safety

Model Workplace Psychological Safety Policy

The newest stage is the evolution of a workplace psychological safety policy that looks at social and behavioural hazards broadly and proactively.
$15 per hour

Lawscape: Where Provinces Stand on the $15 Minimum Wage

Three provinces take the plunge while others back away—for now

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Federal

A roundup of new legislation, regulations, government announcements, court cases and arbitration rulings.

HR Compliance Calendar: Upcoming deadlines, regulatory changes and enforcement events you need to prepare...

Minimum wage hikes in 6 provinces, new pensions rules in ON, SK and NS, and tougher indoor smoking rules in NB and MB.

HR Insider Newsletter – October 2017

In this month’s HR Insider newsletter, find out: Must You Arm Employees to Protect Them from Workplace Violence? Bill 148 Undergoes Changes— But Not...