workplace substance abuse

Substance Abuse & Fitness for Duty Policy (General Version)

Workplace substance abuse remains a major challenge for HR managers.
mitigation damages

After the Axe Falls: Mitigating Damages: How Far Must Fired Employees Go to Find...

Wrongful termination lawsuit can saddle your organization with a 5- or even 6-figures worth of termination notice. But you may also be able to slice huge chunks off your bill by relying on an age-old legal doctrine called the mitigation damages rule.
fixed termination notice

Termination Pitfalls: Beware of 4 Situations When Fired Employees Need Not Mitigate

The duty to mitigate doesn’t automatically apply where the employment contract sets out a fixed termination notice period or formula for calculating the notice period.
employment standards

Law of the Month: Bill 17: Alberta Finally Overhauls Its Employment Standards Laws

Running 249 pages, Bill 17 proposes sweeping changes to 2 sets of laws: the Employment Standards Law or the Employment Standards Code (ESC) and Labour Relations Code.
leave rights

HR Month in Review – June 2017

A roundup of new legislation, regulations, government announcements, court cases and arbitration rulings
Record of Employment

The Mechanics of Termination: How to Report an Ex-Employee’s Overtime Earnings in the Record...

One of the trickiest parts of the Record of Employment is accurately accounting for overtime earnings.
parental leave

Ask the Expert: Do Employees Accrue Vacation Benefits when They’re on Maternity/Parental Leave

Does time spent on parental leave e.g. maternity leave count toward vacation accrual?
maternity leave

Know The Laws of Your Province: Does Time on Maternity/Parental Leave Count Toward Vacation...

Do employees returning from parental or maternity leave get the vacation and pay raises they’d have received if they hadn’t taken leave?
Alberta HR Law

Alberta’s Biggest HR Law In Over 3 Decades

Running 249 pages, Bill 17 proposes sweeping changes to the Alberta HR Law (2 sets): the Employment Standards Code (ESC) and Labour Relations Code.

HR Insider Newsletter – June 2017

In this month’s HR Insider newsletter, find out: Nonpayment of Contractually Required Bonus NOT Constructive Dismissal Latest Cases, Laws & Announcements Clean Desk Policy...