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Supervisory Due Diligence: Satisfying Your Responsibility For Occupational Health & Safety

Date:  November 9

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PST

Speaker: Andrew C. Wood, Harris & Co.

Supervisory Due Diligence: Satisfying Your Responsibility For Occupational Health & Safety

The presentation is intended to assist supervisors and managers in understanding and fulfilling their responsibility for ensuring workplace occupational health and safety. Topics that will be addressed include:

1. Review of Basic Obligations: Statutory and Regulatory Obligations of Supervisors and Managers

2. The Due Diligence Standard

3. Attributes of Effective Duly Diligent Supervisors and Managers

4. Responsibilities of Effective Duly Diligent Supervisors and Managers

5. Challenges and Pitfalls to Achieving Due Diligence in Supervision


Andy’s practice focus is occupational health and safety (OHS) law. He provides strategic advice and representation to employers on issues relating to the Workers Compensation Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, the Canada Labour Code, and associated federal OHS regulations. He is especially skilled at working on matters regarding serious injuries and fatalities, including advising clients on crisis management and how to avoid administrative penalties and prosecutions in such serious cases. Andy has advised employers in over 40 cases involving workplace fatalities. Andy has represented both provincially and federally regulated public and private sector employers involved in a wide range of activities, including local government, education, hospitality, insurance, forestry, mining, construction, manufacturing, maritime, utilities, transportation, warehousing and distribution, property management, retail, healthcare, and the arts.