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Mandatory Workplace Mask & Face Covering Policy

A template you can adapt to ensure people wear required face coverings at your facility.


Until further notice, no person may enter ABC Company facilities unless they wear a mask or face covering that covers the nose and mouth. Failure to comply with this rule and the terms of this Policy will be grounds for denial of entrance or immediate removal and, if the violation is committed by an ABC Company employee, discipline up to termination in accordance with the Company’s progressive disciplinary policies and procedures.


The purpose of this Policy is to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, protect the people present at ABC Company facilities and ensure compliance with public health guidelines, federal and provincial laws, local bylaws and other applicable requirements and standards.


For purposes of this Policy, “mask” means a non-medical facemask, bandana, scarf or any other non-surgical face covering that covers the nose and mouth, ties around the ears or the back of the head, fits snugly against the sides of the face, is secured under the chin and is designed to protect persons other than the wearer. “Masks” do not include N95 and other filtered masks required by…