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Managing Health, Safety and Information Security Cost Effectively In The New Normal

Date: July 2, 2020

Time: 9 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. EDT

Speaker: Andrew McNeil, Managing Director of McNeil Collective

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About the Webinar

Join Andrew, as he looks at how COVID-19 will continue to unfold globally in the months ahead. How organisations are opening up in various sectors and the measures that are taken to control the risks. Many businesses are under strain with a significant percentage not expecting to survive without emergency funding. One of the cost savings will be health and safety, information security and other consultancy services. However health and safety and information security has never been more important. The answer to this is to make it more effective by using modern tools centered around risk assessment capture of data, ownership of data, data analysis, communication.

About the Speaker

Andrew McNeil BSc (Hons), MCIEH, CMIOSH, is Managing Director of McNeil Collective, a new breed of health and safety consultancy passionate about helping organisations manage health and safety, fire and risk in the ultimate best way – as a part of the job. We want to maximize engagement through digital solutions and education as we paint ourselves out of the room, not plant and spread. We give you the tools including a “mobile first” field app. Contact us now to eliminate unnecessary consultant fees and pointless reports. Own your data and control your risk. Andrew has been the principal developer and presenter of the EBIS Annual Health and Safety Law Update Conference for corporate leaders in many industries including oil and gas, property, construction, corporate facilities management, manufacturing, mining, etc in health and safety for nearly 3 decades. He recently co-presented a podcast for the Oil and Gas Industry in Canada reaching an audience of >100 000. (Number 6 on Safeopedia). He also is an advocate of the latest techniques in machinery condition monitoring (See his Youtube video at the Royal Society with RMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEWzQzt0UOg). No one has more experience of making commercial health and safety interesting and relevant at a senior management level. He also has decades of experience in implementing safety in the corporate environment having started out in enforcement and moving into compliance in the early 1990s. He has developed a field data collection app that has been used by global organisations for achieving compliance. He was previously a lead consultant for a well-respected UK employment law and health and safety consultancy firm. Drawing on his global risk management background, he advises major corporate clients such as a multi-billion pound REIT, a global airline, global energy companies, aerospace manufacturers, construction companies, and many more. Originally an Environmental Health Officer specialising in health and safety, his interest in the law drew him into leading a string of successful prosecutions against major companies, highlighting their need to improve safety policy implementation and risk assessment.