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How Can Employers Overcome Labour Shortages In Québec And Across Canada?

The repercussions of a global pandemic have left the  province of Québec, and, in fact, all of Canada facing longlasting labour shortage issues with thousands of unfilled  jobs. According to a recent report from the Canadian  Federation of Independent Business, 81% of small and  medium sized enterprises in Québec say they are feeling  the strain of the labour shortage.

According to its findings, 59% of the managers employed by such  enterprises and 43% of their regular employees had to work longer hours in  the first month of 2022 to make up for the lack of available workers. Faced  with this reality, it is undeniable that many employees are unhappy and  switching jobs, making it more difficult for employers to recruit. Considering  this unprecedented labour shortage, there are several options that  employers may want to explore to both retain their existing employees and  attract candidates to join their workforce.
Improving Existing Conditions
Many Québec employers are not only ...

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