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How Are You Managing Your Organization’s Social Networking Engagement?

By Tara Orchard

In today’s socially networked world there is a good probability that your organization has at least some social media policies or guidelines, provides a little social media training and has some social media monitoring in place. Too often, however, those policies and that training address primarily the technical aspects of social media and your social media monitoring is more likely to be tied to measuring WOM (word-of-mouth) communications generated in the public about your organization than focused on monitoring the impact of the activities of your employees and leadership.

There is no escaping the reality that for most organizations social media networking impacts on many aspects of business. Earlier this year, Jobvite conducted a survey of human resources and recruiting professionals and found that over 90% reported they were planning on using social network recruiting as part of their recruiting strategy. Around the same time, Brand Frog reported that 81% of empl...

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