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Conner Lantz
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From our payroll guru, Alan. Sorry to keep u waiting over the weekend.
Unfortunately, the laws in Manitoba aren’t helpful to the employer in this situation.
There are two exceptions to the requirement to provide notice which might be useful, but which the employer probably can’t rely on in the situation described below.
Clause 62(1)(b), exempts a person from the notice requirements if they are hired for a fixed term. However, it requires the person to work that whole term for the exception to apply.
Clause 62(1)(c) exempts a person if they are hired for a specific task, i.e. a mat leave replacement, but the catch here is that the period of employment can’t exceed 12 months.
If neither of these apply, the normal notice requirements apply, i.e. 2 weeks for 13 months of service.
It would seem there’s no escaping these notice requirements in the situation described. The best advice I can offer is to ensure that the common law requirements are limited in the letter of offer to these employment standard minimums.