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Federal Government Makes It Easier to Hire Temporary Foreign Workers

6 key changes to the TFWP may help employers overcome labour shortages.

With labour in desperately short supply across much of the country, the federal government has made 6 key changes to work permit rules under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). In addition to giving employers greater leeway to hire foreign workers, the changes will undo some of the negative consequences of COVID-10 on the Canadian immigration system.
1.      Permanent Extension of Seasonal Cap Exemption
Old Rule: The Seasonal Cap Exemption provided employers in seasonal industries, like fish and seafood processing, access to foreign workers beyond the low-wage cap for 180 calendar days of employment.

Change: In April, the government permanently increased the cap to 279 days.
2.    Temporary Extension of LMIA Validity
Under TFWP rules, an employer in Canada must obtain a document called a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before a foreign national can apply for a work permit. Screening the LM...

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