14 Expenses 

You May Be Entitled To Deduct

Thousands of Canadians pay more income tax than they should. By not taking full advantage of tax credits and deductions, you may be one of those generous Canadians without even knowing it. Are you aware of all of the deductions that are available to you? Do you file your return on time? Do you pay tax instalments quarterly to avoid interest charges?

Fill in your information on the form and take a look at some of the commonly missed opportunities that could be contributing to your larger than necessary tax bill.

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Quiet Quitting

Speakers: Veronica Rossos & Geoff Mason

Recorded Date: September 21st, 2023

This on demand webinar discusses the emerging concept of “quiet quitting” and related employment law issues and developments. We explore how quiet quitting has gone from a viral fad to a workplace trend that employers cannot ignore.

The topics covered in this recording will include:

  • What “quiet quitting” is and why it’s happening;
  • The business and legal risks that quiet quitting presents to employers;
  • How employers can assess whether quiet quitting is an issue in their workplace;
  • And much more


Is Your Employee Exempt From Employment Standards Legislation?

On January 1, 2023, an amendment to the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”) came into force that creates a new exemption for business and information technology (IT) consultants.1 This means that if an individual meets the criteria for a “business consultant” or “information technology consultant” under the ESA, then the consultant is excluded from the application of the ESA. If that is the case, then the employer does not have to comply with the minimum employment standards set out in the ESA with respect to the consultant.


When Are Terminated Employees Entitled to a Performance Bonus?

Employees earn bonuses for a job well done. But what happens when employees don’t get enough time to finish the job?

The scenario: Employees who are on their way to earning a promised bonus get terminated just before the bonus comes due.

Do you still have to pay the bonus after the employee leaves? The answer depends on 3 things.