Ask the ExpertWhen relocating an employee do you provide a new employment contract? – Alberta
hri_Admin Staff asked 12 months ago

Hello, I am temporarily relocating an employee to California for 1 year upon which time they will relocate back to Alberta to their previous job. Do you typically provide the employee a new employment contract with all of the terms and conditions or is there some other document/amendment that you provide the employee?

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hri_Admin Staff answered 12 months ago

Here’s the views of my colleague, Alan McEwan.
Glenn, my question would be what is the relation between the job in California and the current employer? Are they one and the same, as in a secondment to a different part of the organization? Or is this more like a sabbatical in the academic environment?
I ask because I would think there would be a difference if the year in California meant a break in the employment relationship, with what would be a new employment relationship upon the return.
So in my mind, it would be good to have these terms spelt out in writing. For example, is the employer assisting with moving expenses and is this assistance conditional on a return after the year is over. If the year in California is a complete break in the employment relationship, what about seniority after the person returns from California.
I would think there would be a number of such issues it would be good to have down on paper.