Ask the ExpertVaccination Status for Pay Purposes
Carole MacClure asked 7 months ago

We have modified our STD program since March 2020 when Covid first came into play – so we have paid our employees day 1 of illness instead of a 3 days wait period.  I would like to continue doing so, but for those employees who are vaccinated only.  We have locations across the country and are not federally regulated.  Can I do this?  Im trying to encourage vaccination vs mandating it.  Thank you

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 7 months ago

STD isn’t my expertise, but I don’t see why it would be a problem to offer benefits incentives to vaccinated employees, as long as you accommodate those who can’t get vaccinated due to a disability, legitimate religious objection or other grounds protected from discrimination by human rights laws. My fear, however, is that there may be some technical rule in benefits law that I’m unaware of; but as a matter of discrimination liability, I think  you’re OK. Hope that helps. Glenn 

Carole MacClure replied 7 months ago

Thank you!