Ask the ExpertSeverance pay outide of termination pay – MB and QC
Seiko Harada asked 6 months ago

I understand that in Ontario, employees are entitled to severance pay if their employment is severed, no matter how long the notice period may be.
Do you know if this is the case for MB and QC?

1 Answers
Glenn Demby Staff answered 6 months ago

There are similar provisions in all 3 provinces.
However, there are some differences.
In Ontario, “severance” applies either on the basis of the number of employees affected or on the dollar amount of the employer’s annual, world wide payroll exceeds $2.5 million.
This is in addition to any amounts owing for individual notice of termination.
In MB and QC, what is termed group or collective dismissal is only based on the number of employees affected within the time period that applies.
In MB, this is 50 employees within a 4 week period. In QC, this is 10 employees within a 2 month period.
In MB, the notice required is between 10 and 18 weeks. In QC, this is 8 to 16 weeks.
In both MB and QC, the notice required is the greater of the individual or group/collective notice.