Ask the ExpertResignation while on statutory leave – BC
hri_Admin Staff asked 1 year ago

If an employee resigns while on parental (or other statutory) leave in BC, how is the last date of work determined?

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hri_Admin Staff answered 1 year ago

From Alan McEwan:
This is really two separate questions.

  1. For the purpose of any of the BC employment standards required payments, the end of the employment relationship is the date indicated by the employee. For example, I assume the employee said in writing, something like, “I resign effective August 15” or “I no longer plan to return from my leave, which ends effective, July 31”.For example, if this person had:
    1. 5 year’s of service effective June 15;
    2. Was on leave as of May 1st
    3. Then any vacation pay paid after June 15 would have to be at 6%.
  2. For the purpose Block 11 on the ROE, the last day paid would be the last day worked before the leave began.