Ask the ExpertQuebec's Bill 96 – Ontario company with employees in QC
Seiko Harada asked 2 months ago

We are a company with our head office is in Ontario. We have about 80 total employees across the country but only 4 in Quebec. Do you know that we are required to adopt and implement a francization program and other regulations like “Most written and verbal communications between an employer and its employees must be in French” or “companies will have to communicate in French with the Government of Quebec”? 
Thanks a lot in advance!

1 Answers
Glenn Demby Staff answered 2 months ago

My understanding is that the Francization requirements of Bill 96 apply to companies that employ 25 or more employees on Quebec. The exact requirements vary depending on number of employees. But if you have only 4 employees in Quebec, you should be okay–at least in my informed but far from expert opinion.