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Performance Reviews
Ask the ExpertPerformance Reviews
Karoline Verdi asked 1 year ago
Do you have Question templates for Performance Reviews ? 
For Employees and Piers 
Thank you 
1 Answers
Rick Tobin answered 1 year ago
Top Questions to Ask in Performance Reviews Here’s the list of questions to ask in your performance management program. Best Performance Review Questions for Employees These questions are for employees to answer during a self-assessment section of the review process.
  • What experience, project, or action are you most proud of since the last review?
  • Which of our company values did you live best in the last few months?
  • How has your manager helped you achieve your goals during the past few months?
  • What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
  • What corporate/personal goals did you accomplish? Which goals fell short?
  • What skill or knowledge do people on your team or at the company rely on you to provide?
  • What project/goal(s) would you like to focus on in the next quarter/six months/year?
  • How were you able to contribute to the company’s current goal of [creating a more inclusive culture, closing more sales, launching a new marketing campaign, etc.]?
  • What would colleagues or clients say about their recent interactions with you?
Best Performance Review Questions for Managers These questions mirror those above but have been phrased to ask a manager about their employee. This allows you to compare the manager’s answers to the employee’s and see whether they’re aligned.
  • Describe a meaningful contribution that [Name] has made since the last review.
  • Which company value have you seen [Name] emulating well in the last few months?
  • Describe how you have impacted [Name]’s ability to succeed and grow in their position.
  • What types of projects does [Name] excel at?
  • How has [Name] done with creating and meeting goals over the past few months?
  • What role does [Name] have on the team and what impact have they had?
  • What are some areas of focus/projects that could benefit [Name]?
  • In what way(s) did [Name] contribute to the company’s current goal of [creating a more inclusive culture, closing more sales, launching a new marketing campaign, etc.]?
  • What are some positive interactions you’ve noticed between [Name] and others?
  Additional Questions for Performance Management Assessments The following is a compilation of even more questions we created while researching the performance review process. Some of them are for employees or managers performing a self-assessment, while others are intended to assess the performance of an employee or manager.
  • Are you happy at [our company]?
  • What special projects have you worked on this past quarter/year?
  • In what ways can [manager/employee name] improve/help you?
  • Would you recommend working here to your friends? Why or why not?
  • How have you met corporate goals/values this quarter/year?
  • How well have you achieved your goals this past quarter/year?
  • What do you enjoy most about working for [manager/company name]?
  • How do I show my focus on quality work?/How is [Name]’s quality of work?
  • How do I show my focus on clients?/How does [Name] demonstrate a focus on client success?
  • How do I show that I am solution-oriented and responsive in my role?/How does [Name] demonstrate that they are solution-oriented and responsive?
  • What do you hope to be doing within the company one year from now? What about five years from now?
  • What do you want your next position to be at this company?
  • What is one recent project that you have made significant contributions to and how did you contribute?
  • Looking back, how has your manager helped you improve and do your best work? Please share 1-2 examples.
  • Going forward, what do you need from your manager to better support you in your role?
  • Looking back, what have you done to encourage and support [Name] during the past three months?
  • Going forward, what do you need in order to better support [Name] in doing their best work and/or achieving growth?
  • What are your top three priorities for the next 6-12 months?
  • What are your personal development goals (new skill, knowledge, work experience you’d like to acquire) to help you maximize your performance and potential?
  • What training does [Name] need in order to improve?
  • Do you feel comfortable taking risks and approaching your manager with new ideas? Why or why not?
  • What training do you wish you had/would you like to have?