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On call policy
Ask the ExpertCategory: QuestionsOn call policy
hri_Admin asked 5 years ago
I am looking to implement an on call policy for our IT team who are on call regularly to answer emergency related IT concerns. I understand that IT is considered exempt but I think to be competitive and fair an on call policy should be implemented. Sometimes they are minor issues that can wait till the next day. Do you have some examples of On call policies and examples of premiums that might be used? Not for profit based out of Alberta  
1 Answers
Glenn Demby answered 5 years ago
Here's some good stuff: https://www.cbe.ab.ca/careers/Documents/Terms-and-Conditions-of-Employment-CBE-Exempt.pdf (scroll down to page 7) https://www.aupe.org/media/agreements/2015-01-01_to_2017-12-31_00038739x0.PDF (scroll down to last appendix at very end) https://www.wheatlandcounty.ca/images/edocman/policies/Section%206%20-%20PERSONNEL%20POLICIES.pdf (scroll down to page 48) https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/assets/careers/careers-emp-terms-and-conditions-employee-handbook.pdf (scroll down to page 10) https://www.hsaa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/COVENANT-CA-REV-FINAL.pdf (scroll down to p. 18) GOOD STUFF BUT NOT FROM ALBERTA https://www.uottawa.ca/administration-and-governance/policy-12-work-hours-overtime-and-additional-work-support-staff (scroll down to Secs 29-30) https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/7-steps-getting-your-call-pay-policy-right https://www.algonquincollege.com/hr/support/call-back-on-call-pay/ https://www.uoguelph.ca/hr/node/4107/ https://www.ucalgary.ca/hr/files/hr/aupe-collective-agreement.pdf (scroll down to p. 30) ********** Hope that helps. Glenn